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Rodney Reshel was born in northern Illinois and raised there and in the ranches of southern Texas.  He is a Special Forces veteran with over 23 years of service and got into horses as a child on a ranch where he learned very traditional ranch techniques for riding and training horses.  In Illinois he rode Quarter Horses, much more refined than the ranch horses and were able to compete in conformation and Western Pleasure.  Throughout his time in the military he was constantly exposed to horses all over the world trained in various disciplines, and continuously fascinated by the capabilities and usefulness of these magnificent animals.  It was in Europe specifically that he gained the most inspiration, working with and around world class horses and riders.  Once he moved back to the US he just never felt as though he could satisfy the feeling he gained while abroad, and was inspired to pursue his interest in this business, hoping to bring pieces of what he experienced to the US, and hopefully engage others to share in this unique adventure of working with European Sport Horses.



Dressage Instructor & Trainer

Sylwia has extensive training history  including training throughout Italy and Poland.  Since moving to the US  she has trained *Legacy Hill Farms, Castle Rock, CO, and White Fences Equestrian in Austin, TX where she has led several riders through competition. At Legacy Hill Farms Sylwia was a working student of Michelle Lauber, training through Grand Prix movements for competition and sales, and a current trainer and dressage competitor at White Fences Eq.  Ms. Reshel and her husband are also experienced importers of European sport horses, and are always happy to help pair riders with horses when necessary. Ms. Reshel was awarded her English Instructor License from the Ministry of Sports in Poland in 2010, and has worked with multiple trainers and barns in Italy and Poland, gaining immeasurable experience as a rider and working student in Classical Dressage, Grand Prix Jumping and Eventing.

Ms. Reshel follows the classical horse training of Mr. Krzysztof Skorupski, notable veterinarian, trainer and author of ‘Horse Training Psychology’ (not available in English) to supplement her extensive experience developing both young and experienced horses, and working with difficult or sensitive ones.

Sylwia began her journey with horses at the age of 9, learning for months about proper horse handling, working with young, problematic and hot horses. While studying at the University of Bari, Italy, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistic Intermediation for European Union, she was a rider and working student at a Grand Prix level jumping barn, with a strong focus on the development of suppleness and gymnastic training (cavaletti’s, etc). By client demand, after her return to Poland, she moved into a private lesson practice, developing horses (from 2 ½ - 14 years), riders (children through adults), in dressage and jumping, while also preparing and assisting in the sale of multiple horses. Sylwia’s main motto is: “Play with the horse and be demanding of yourself, not the horse!” “Be humble!” and is a huge proponent of perfecting the rider’s seat.

Her next goals in the US are to increase rider skills, and awareness of correctness of the seat, aids and rider’s ability to communicate with the horse in their language while bringing both horses and riders solidly through training levels and Grand Prix. She has a personal goal of increasing her skills through clinics, teaching and competing regionally and nationally. Ms. Reshel is married to a Master Sergeant in the US Army Special Forces, and they have chosen to retire in Boerne, TX.

*Some of you may recognize LHF, as it made history by selecting and importing Weltino’s Magic for, LHF owner, Michelle Lauber, who subsequently contacted Stephen.

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